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Welcome to 10_titles – a multi-fandom fanfiction community! All types of fanfiction are welcome – het, slash, character-based, angst, humour, romance, PWP, mystery, AU – whatever your mind leads you to. You can write any length of fic, from a 100-word drabble to a 100-chapter saga.

There are five tables – each containing ten titles. You can claim a table for an individual character, a pairing, or a group of characters. You must write the same character, pairing or group for all ten titles in your chosen table.

The Rules

1) Only one person can claim the same table and character/pairing/group at any one time. If the claim you want is already taken, comment here. I’ll put you on a waiting list, and notify you as soon as the table becomes available.

2) No more than two claims per person at any one time

3) You can take as long as you need to complete your table, but if I haven't heard from you within two months and someone is waiting for the table, I'll assume you've dropped the table and pass it along. If RL is being a problem, leave a comment on the Mod Post and I’ll try to sort it out.

4) Be nice. You may not like what you read, but someone created it with love and care. Either leave constructive criticism, or click the back-button. Flaming can result in banned members and revoked claims.

5) Please f-lock anything rated above R, and use an LJ-cut for anything over 100 words. Membership to the community is open, and we assume that by joining and/or requesting a table you are of legal age. We don't want to have to check up on people, so let's all play nice together.

6) No underage relationships, please. A story which contains memories of something that may have happened underage is okay, as long as it's not too explicit, but a fic focussing on something happening to a character who is underage at the time isn't a good idea. Also, please add appropriate warnings and ratings to your headers and f-lock them if the rating is above R. Thank you for cooperating here - we don't want to get banned!

7) No Real Person fic, please.

8) Each prompt counts for one fic/drabble/chapter - no combining prompts

9) Have fun!

What To Do

1) Go here and look over the tables.

2) Work out which character/pairing/group you'd like, and mosey on over to the claiming post. I will get back to you as soon as possible, hopefully within the day. But if it takes a little time, please be patient with me.

3) Leave a comment asking for your claim, or asking to be waitlisted if your claim is already taken. I will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within the day.

4) Get writing! You can also start writing in preparation if you are waitlisted for your claim.

5) When posting, please use the following format:

Subject Line: Fandom: Title, Character/Pairing/Group

(if applicable)
(if applicable)

6) When your claim is accepted, you will be given a tag. Please use this for any and all posts. If a tag isn't used we'll assume you aren't posting, and you could lose your table. As long as you post your work in this comm, it can be cross-posted far and wide as you see fit

7) Questions, comments, queries, dropping a claim and asking for an extension on the two month rule can all be directed to the Mod post.

8) When you’ve finished your claim, be sure to let the Mods know so that your character/pairing/group can be claimed by someone else and you can be put on the completed claims wall of fame, and you can get a shiny banner!

9) If you have a community that you'd like to affiliate with 10_titles, leave a comment here.

But the most important part of all of this? Have fun!

Your Mod, alligator138